About Us

Bone Yard Effects, Inc. has been serving the Entertainment Industry since 1995. We strive to offer our clients the best products and services for their budget. Our staff have years of professional experience and look forward to bringing your project or production to the next level.

We offer services including:

Character Makeups, Bald Cap Applications, Wig Design and Construction, Ventilated Facial Hair, Aging Makeups, Injury & Sickness Simulations, Dental Appliances, Lifecasting/Body Casting, Prosthetic Creation, Full Head Makeups, Body Makeups, Body Suits, Props, Vacuforming, Conceptual Designs, Foam Latex Services, Mold Making Services, On location Artists, Prop Design/Fabrication, Set Design/Fabrication, Set Painting/Aging, Set Dressing, Event Production, Business Consulting, and much more!

In 1998 the FX Faces foam latex prosthetics line was created. We now offer over 70 pieces available for sale through FX Faces.

We utilize State-Of-The-Art materials and techniques in our 5000 sq ft. Makeup Studio located in Glendora, CA.